Thursday, 31 May 2018

HME visits the Hamilton Public Library Makerspace!

On Monday May 27 HME members visited the Hamilton Central Library Makerspace! We had a guided tour of the various spaces, followed by some chatting and snacks at the nearby Mulberry Street Coffeehouse.

Below are some notes from the visit.

  • Opened April 2016
  • Makerspaces open same time as library, but need to close about 30 mins before
    Sound studio
  • Sound studio: can make reservations, most popular space in Makerspace, have garageband and audacity
  • If you want to edit music, can do it from any Mac in HPL
  • could bring in your own instruments
  • Some people record podcasts
  • Maker studio: Most everything is free for someone in good standing with their membership, but people pay for materials
  • With 3D printer, staff operates it
  • Don’t have to be a 3D designer, some programs are thingiverse, tinkercad
  • Table top scanner
  • Smaller branches have converters for VHS, scanners, convert at 1:1, can also scan negatives and slides, Central is the only branch that has cassette tape to PC device
    3D printer at work, along with some printed objects
  • All Mac have complete Adobe suite
  • There’s a request process on their website where people can suggest differnt things for the HPL to have
  • Large scale printer
  • Gets a lot of use during art crawls and supercrawl
  • Charge by paper and ink, have to run the print first before they know how much it will cost, but still fairly inexpensive
  • Vinyl cutter/printer
  • Any image can be made into a sticker (also has device to cut out vinyl lettering)
Some of the textile tools in the Makerspace

  • Embroidery machine
  • Janome Memory Craft 500E
  • Can use almost any image and it’ll convert it to embroidery
  • Fabric up to light denim?
  • Frosh week folks have used it for their overalls
  • Video/photo studio: They have cameras, but people are welcome to bring in their own equipment
  • Vinyl printer for stickers
Vinyl stickers with our logo!
  • Can book online
  • Can’t book same day, can book up to 7 days ahead, only 1 space at a time
  • If it’s on your library card, you have to be here
  • Demographics: all over the map
  • Mostly people between 20-30
  • Stores will print (from Hamilton Centre)
  • Groups: ask first
  • Sometimes teachers can arrange special tasks that get kids to use all he different stations
  • Usually have programs on Saturday mornings at 10
  • Bring library card, photo id, sign a waiver (eg can’t print a weapon)
Delicious snacks from the Mulberry Street Coffeehouse

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