Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mini Conference Evaluation RESULTS

Following is a collation of the Mini Conference evaluations. Here at HME we use your input to guide our future meeting and Mini Conference topics, and improve all our offerings!
Location: Royal Botanical Gardens
Topic: Technology in Museums       
Date:  Monday November 20, 10:00am-3:00pm
680 Plains Road West, Burlington, ON Canada

20 total evaluations filled out

What were your expectations for the Mini Conference and were they met?
  • Looking for new ideas and sharing. Great day! Thanks
  • And interesting and engaging day
  • Better understanding of sm + tech
  • Just to meet new people and get inspiration… AND YES!
  • A series of presentations and some networking. Yes… a wealth of resources as well
  • To get some ideas and to see what was being done by other institutions. Yes, expectations were met
  • To learn how museums are using technology in their institutions. As a staff member of a very small community museum, it is valuable to learn from others who are of similar size.
  • Yes. This was actually my first museum network conference, so I very much enjoyed myself and learned a lot.
  • Expected good information, inspiring speakers, good ideas to implement at own museum. Yes, they were met.
  • Networking and learning new tools in tech/digital
  • No expectations! Another amazing conference, lots of great speakers and ideas, even the distance education speakers and format
  • Yes, great speakers! Loved all of the knowledge and sharing. : )
  • Exceeded expectations. I was delighted at the content and overlap with communications. Learned a ton!
  • Yes!
  • Definitely!
  • To learn about new platforms, networking
  • Learning about the possibilities and potential of technology and social media for museums and hearing firsthand accounts
  • Yes they were
  • To make new connections and learn more about free social networking tools
  • To be resourceful, and it was
Would you recommend this conference to your colleagues?

  • Yes, it was very well done.
  • To museum educators… and beyond!
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Absolutely!
  • Yes!
  • Yes! Absolutely
  • Yes
  • Yes! It’s always good
  • Yes, I liked the size and the unconference session
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes, definitely
  • Yes, it was informative.  Good range of presentations.
  • Yes
  • Absolutely!
  • Absolutely
  • Yes! I like that the talks were a half an hour, the unconference was also very resourceful

What is the biggest take away you will return to your institutions with from this conference?

  • There are lots of tools available for no or low cost. Time is the biggest issue.
  • So many tech tools!
  • Using tech to translate mandate
  • Just hearing about what other museums/orgs are up to
  • The resources to learn about the use of social  media – tools for engaging the public at a distance + immediately digitally
  • Reaching beyond museum walls…
  • There are opportunities to engage the community with social media. There are many free apps that we could use to improve our practice and increase our productivity!
  • Really enjoyed Ryan Dodge’s digital visitors are visitors too. Going to bring the social media strategy back to my team
  • Networking – we all have the same problems so it’s great to share solutions
  • The supportive network of educators in the area + the knowledge they’re willing to  share
  • Social media and education strategy. Use distance education to solve problem of declining school tours due to lack of bussing and reaching seniors.
  • New resources to access and try out connections
  • Many new technologies to explore and many that will easily integrate into existing online pages. New opportunities for the future – especially off site “field trips”
  • New ways to think about digital visitors and new digital tools.
  • We are not alone – unbelievable number of digital online and social media resources
  • I enjoyed learning about the different platforms that I could use both professionally and personally
  • Open source platforms for education/connecting/planning. Ways of being active on social media without permission.
  • There are a lot of amazing things that museums can do. Just needs some out of the box thinking
  • The content checklist and effective ways to communicate collections to online visitors
  • A lot of free technical tools

Do you have any suggestions to help improve the Mini Conference?
  • Nope, it was great
  • Nope, was great!
  • No
  • No, I would say the short presentation q + a approach is good – perhaps a chance to do both workshops instead of just one
  • No, it was well done
  • Not really! It was so well done! Kudos to the organizers! Fantastic job!
  • Would enjoy more digital content – social media specific topics
  • Nope – loved it!
  • Ask a question/questions ahead of time to help inspire attendees even before they conference
  • None. It’s awesome
  • More discussion time, and perhaps prepared discussion questions
  • MORE!
  • Leave 10 minutes for set up for video conferences
Are there any themes you’d like to see explored at future Mini Conferences?

  • Exhibit development, Volunteer training
  • Exhibit development, planning, and execution
  • New approaches for accessibility in museums
  • In-house gamification
  • Dealing with management, networking with the community, outreach + walking tour
  • Would enjoy more digital content – social media specific topics
  • Diversity + accessibility
  • Using small or inappropriate spaces for programming and vice versa, programming for small spaces
  • Education/interpretation/programming
  • Partnership projects
  • Collaborations between libraries, archives and museums
  • Failures – what didn’t work
  • Collections management strategies
  • Virtual reality tech

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
  • Thanks!!
  • Thanks! J
  • How I heard: I do follow the HME FB page, but this fell off the radar. A coworker told me about it, that’s how I heard that it was happening
  • Thanks for a well-run day
  • Great job, thanks!
  • I attended the HME conference at Ruthven a few years ago. HME executive are really doing a great job fulfilling affordable professional development opportunities in the area. Please continue to offer the conferences. They are well done! Thank you so much!
  • If there could be more time for sharing upcoming events in the museum community, it would help open up networking beyond the event
  • Heard about this through GOEMP
  • Bravo!!
  • Thanks for coordination of event – thanks RBG!
  • I really enjoyed the level of interaction
  • No, this was awesome!

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