Wednesday, 28 June 2017

HME Cafe Night Meeting Notes 2017-2018 Planning Session

We met at the Collins Brewhouse - the on-off rain kept us inside and off the patio. But that didn't ruin the fantastic conversation, eats, and ideas for 2017-2018!

Mini Conferences

Institutions offering spaces

  • do NOT hold in May, try half day, with supper, maybe April

Topics for Mini Conferences

  • Climate change mini conference (might be great to have at RBG in Oct or Nov) Museums for Climate Justice. Approach sustainability, conservation parks
  • Technology in Museums (maybe at Museums of Mississauga)
    RBG has location based games, tale blazer, all the things google can do for you! Google 360, geo fencing, apple maps, google maps)
    John Piccone, director of education using ipad, grade 3-5, present at and evening meeting 

Behind-the-Scenes tour

Café Night


  • Keep in Burlington at Williams?

Café Night Topics 

  • Professional associations/conferences/courses
  • Networking
  • Tourism tie ins/partnerships (how do you work out how you're partnering, policies, making sure it's mutually beneficial)
  • how people work with libraries
  • travelling exhibits
  • Makerspaces (city of Hamilton libraries), two rivers galleries
  • Book Club: Engaging your community toolkit (Museums of Mississauga, created survey for museum workers using this tool kit, and will present at the OMA conference this fall)

Projects that HME can pursue

  • Inter-museum equipment co-op (work with sustainability)
  • Resources list (“We have” or “We wish we had…” similar to freecycle or Kijiji)

Museum Crawl 

  • thematic, not city based?
  • Do during summer 
  • Bring students
  • Connect with YCW
  • DO IN JUNE 2018, summer camps haven't started yet, end of June, networking for students

Other Fun Stuff!

  • We’re looking for people to add to the HME Co-ordinating team. Interested? Contact us!

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