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Education About Education: HME Meeting Notes November 17, 2014

Education about education: what conferences/courses/classes/diplomas have you taken? What’s been most useful?
Royal Coachman Pub: Waterdown

Professional Development/Conferences
University of Victoria
Diploma in Cultural Resource Management
online/distance learning

offers a Certificate in Museum Studies, open to all OMA members
can be (but is not necessarily) history-museum heavy
No chance for debriefing: intense 3 day in-person or several months online
Moves teaching locations around the province
useful, but sometimes difficult to complete with full time work

Algonquin College (in Ottawa)
2 years Applied Museum Studies
Co-op can be done at many locations/types of institutions eg: ROM, Parks Canada conservation centre, Fieldcote

Interpretation Officer from RBG has taken graduate diploma in Science Communication, from Science North and Laurentian University
it includes 8 week internship, field trips

NAI training
National Association for Interpretation
American version of InterpScan

teaching degree (huge help for any education related job)

Northern States Conservation Center Online Education Course 
Similar to OMA, do that one instead

-PRO  *forgot the exact name*  Youth workshop - useful for running camps and working with junior volunteers

Outstanding Camp Training Workshop
useful for training camp staff

Grand River Heritage Day Workshop 
extremely useful to find out what others are do in this area, to learn more about the area I am teaching in, and what resources are out there. It is FREE! Some years are more interesting/relevant to my programs than others, but it is really neat to see what is out there.

Ideas for Conferences OUTSIDE of obvious museum associations
Tech conferences (RBG employees who work heavily with tech)

Science teachers of Ontario
Need to know curriculum, what they need in the curriculum
Promote, but also learn
Subject integration is very important to teachers!

Medical Conferences (crossover with arts-teaching)

Ask yourself:
WHO is your audience? What do they need/want?
You can search online for your audience's professional associations, and their conference/other learning opportunities.
WHAT is your motive for going to a conference?
Is it for your own edification, promotion of your institution, education, networking? Seeing what others in your field are doing?
WHEN do ypu stop looking for courses that will improve your degree?
How about informal professional development? (like HME!)

Suggestions of Helpful resources/websites
Fast, eye-catching
Could be print doc and/or presentation

Digital Human Library
Add any digital resource at your institution!!

Bear 71
Follow the life of a bear, but this idea can be applicable to tech-learning tools
Pre-visit activity
Note: setting up certain tech-based learning resources may be a good intern job

Using new media for interpretation
Helpful and thorough list of online resource for new media interpretation tools

Peer Learning: G-Chats
Can be seen in archives, or you can participate in real time
found through talk@museum-ed.org Digest

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