Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Great Recession and “where, for the best price, can I get…”: creating and running education programs on a budget: HME Meeting Monday October 21, 2013

Leader: Merri Fergusson
The food was great, and discussion lively last night at the Argyll Street Grill; we happily welcomed a few new faces to the group with our first bring-an-intern meeting.
Here are some notes from the evening.

Free stuff

  • Kijiji and Craigslist but spend time going through it
  • church and estate sales
  • Scrapbooking supplies and old art and craft supplies
  • Wallpaper stores will give away free samples or discontinued ends, as will paint stores. Just leave your name with them and when season changes, they discard old samples.
  • In Mississauga: The Creative Zone joint effort between Catholic and Public Peel Region and everything is free but need to be from the area or school board. They get things donated in bulk
  • Quilling a paper shredder will cut paper finely enough for this craft
  • Senioropolis are professional downsizers will give to charitable or non-profit. Companies who relocate seniors from homes to apartments will give away stuff.
Low Cost Stuff
  • Liaise with these companies to get stuff
  • Habitat for Humanity Restore for paint
  • Recycle Stores
  • Burlington Reuse Centre 
  • Thrift stores
  • For City employees, there’s internal sell/trade pages
  • Lyrical / Staples but for 40 percent less
  • Popourri site to sell or give away (Mississauga City Employee pages)
  • Baldwin craft supplies in Burlington Appleby Line
  • Michaels 40 percent off coupons online
  • purchase following seasons when everything is on sale
  • Dollar stores
  • Lens Mill Store in Stoney Creek
  • Liquidation Centres
    Steel City Surplus @ 182 Dundurn St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4K3 905-526-8551
Running Programs
Issues: Budget and staff cuts
Sometimes supplies are old and tired and too well used
Reflects badly; what's the pull to get schools to our sites?  Especially if your supplies are tired-looking, broken, missing
people with fresh ideas don't get the time
introducing technology into education programs and how to get funding
theatre companies have storage and may be willing to partner
eg: Players Guild on Queen Street in Hamilton

Mississauga Museum
intern from OISE project with two camps
partner with drama, dance and history Bradley Mashup
concept, introduction, and curriculum; had 70 hours to work
reworked old camp idea and refreshed it
critique and feedback from staff the intern put all of the evaluations together

Outreach vs at institution
Outreach can be a cheaper way to teach about our collection while using school resources (rather than museum resources) and link to curriculum.

History Matters Association WWI Benares Historic House in Mississauga
schools resist due to hiring cost of supply teachers
free vs paid tours: free might mean no commitment

Tech Soup: good place for inexpensive software

webinar by historical society for new Ontario curriculum
Building Stories heritage assets in your community from Waterloo and mobile App

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