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HME PLC: Inside View/Outside View: A Return to Active Audiences in Museums and Galleries

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HME Peer Learning Circle
Monday November 12, 2012

Inside View/Outside View: A Return to Active Audiences in Museums and Galleries
Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King Street West, Hamilton, ON

Please register for this exciting peer-learning opportunity by requesting a registration form from the HME Coordinators. Please submit the registration form by November 8. Spaces are limited so make sure to send in your registration early!

Presenters include:

Meredith Leonard, MMSt., M.S. Ed.
Visitor Services Coordinator
St. Catharines Museum and Welland Canals Centre
Community InReach: adapting principles from the ecomuseum model to deliver accessible programming in a rural community. This presentation addresses the use of ecomuseum concepts and ideas such as a fragmented site network, a variety of collaborative partnerships, an engaged volunteer base and inputs from a variety of sources to create exhibitions and programming that go outside of the museum walls and directly into community spaces, making museum learning experiences more accessible and engaging to a larger population.

Dr. David Harris Smith
Assistant Professor in Communication Studies & Multimedia at McMaster University
This talk considers urbanism in the mediated circumstance of an intentionally designed virtual world community of artists and researchers. I discuss the theoretical issues and historical precedents implicated in the articulation of urbanism and digital culture and consider how these inform the design and implementation of an online virtual world research community, macGRID Art & Cyberscience Network. I am especially interested in the fusion of virtual and embodied social spaces in what is called mixed reality, and the potential of these emerging digitally mediated sites of collaborative knowledge production and artistic creation.

Lindsay Doren
Lead Historic Interpreter
Museums of Mississauga
Bradley Museum Scent Project
A discussion of the development of our scent project; including the reasons for creating it, how it was done and its outcome. Will include showing the items we created.

Dave Barr
Digital Projects Coordinator for the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery
The Mobile Museum - A New Path to Active Audiences.
The notion of active, heterogeneous audiences is decades old, but has attracted renewed interest with the development of new technologies offering the possibility of highly personalized messages and pervasive social sharing. Museums opting to offer a mobile experience for their visitors can choose from a variety of strategies to enrich the museum visit, enhance museum education and engage new audiences. The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery has just launched a mobile museum program with low entry cost and the potential to attract a new demographic to the institution.

Laurie Kilgour-Walsh
Educator at the Art Gallery of Hamilton
Presented will be a variety of Participatory projects at the AGH.

Nicole Neufeld
Director of Public Programs at The Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
Gather at the Gallery Program
Gather at the Gallery program, a KW|AG partnership with the Alzheimer Society of KW. Dr. Lisa Meschino, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Waterloo and Cara Dowhaniuk, a Dementia Support Counsellor with the Alzheimer Society spoke about the program and its value. The pair said it has help provide participants with a strong support network and that connecting with others through art has strengthened that network and given a new sense of hope. They spoke about how rewarding the experience has been not only for its participants but for them as well.

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