Tuesday, 1 March 2016

HME Cafe Night Notes February 29, 2016

Great meeting last night everyone!

Some of the topics mentioned and resources suggested:

Museums of Missisauga are holding an exhibition and event with Charles Pachter and Margaret Atwood: The Journals of Susanna Moodie

Beyond Sit & Stay opens May 29

The topic of DIVERSITY was settled on for our upcoming Mini Conference in April. Check your inbox over the next couple of days for details

Did you know: you can get a free copy of a map of Ontario containing  treaty information as well as a wealth of resources from Ontario's website Aboriginal Experiences

Has the new requirements for CMOG made you re-examine your social media? Here's some tips on creating a social media plan from the OMA

How has the news from the Canada Council for the Arts about changing their funding model in April 2017 - tying directly to diversity - impacted your organizations? Has anyone changed/adapted their programs as a result?
Suggestions include:
-diversity specialist
-working with municipal / regional multicultural council and Aboriginal networks
-training for diversity (eg: specialists who train with exercises, discussion, video, and activities such as "Unpacking the Invisible Back Pack")
-cultural access pass
-acknowledgement statements

What programs are organizations planning for the Sesquicentennial?
-partnering with city

And check out this BBC documentary on the history of the WI


April 18: Mini Conference
May 30: Cafe night
June 27: Planning Session 2016/2017

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