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Book Club: "Creativity in Museum Practice" HME Meeting Notes Feb 23, 2015

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Creativity in Museum Practice” by Linda Morris and Rainey Tisdale

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold to join us at Mex-i-can in Hamilton this Monday!

We had a great discussion with people who'd read the book cover to cover, some who'd just skimmed it, and others who haven't gotten to it yet.

Overall, this book was deemed a valuable purchase.

You should invest in this book because:
  • Pocket guide in back
  • it's simple
  • Chapter 2 is meatier "building creative cultures", recruiting creative boards
  • Eg: opportunities for creativity in board meetings, almost like warm up exercises like the "Mystery object"
  • helps people to understand the cost of doing business eg: have people play a sort of price is right game, with board/colleagues eg: understand cost of advertising, etc...
  • Speaking with staff that aren't involved in financial undertakings
  • "Get buy in"
  • Chapter three tools for creative culture
  • suggests you observe target audience intentionally, as well as analogous environments
  • Helpful for strategic plans, training volunteers, program development
  • it suggests you read outside your discipline to gain perspective and a mental break
  • useful in workshops: the creativity inventory and mind maps were used to facilitate an interdisciplinary group of graduate students' exploration of creativity

Things to watch out for:
  • allow for the book (especially the first chapter) to appear too elementary because later chapters expand the ideas and suggestions
Other great ideas from the meeting:
  • Get staff meetings scheduled for 2 hrs before end of day, people motivated to stay on topic
  • Have specialized meetings for marketing, education, etc...

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