Thursday, 12 September 2013

Call for Presentations: November PLC

The Hamilton Area Museum Educators (HME) invite you to present at our upcoming Peer Learning Circle (PLC)!

Topic: Adult Education and Museums’/Galleries’ role in inquiry-based learning and the “New” Curriculum
Date:  Monday, November 18, 2013, 10:00am-3:00pm
Location:  Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd W  Burlington, ON

WE WANT TO KNOW what exciting and innovative ways your museum/gallery is involved in adult education, inquiry-based learning, and the new Ontario curriculum.

Do you:
-run an adult education program?
-participate in an interesting partnership?
-utilize inquiry-based learning in your museum/gallery?

We invite you to share your approaches and ideas in a presentation that will engage others in conversation and offer learning in this peer learning environment.
We ask that presentations be a maximum of 15-20 minutes in length, followed by 10-15 minutes discussion period.  However, new approaches are welcome and creative presentations may be longer or shorter depending on what you want to share or get out of them.  All ideas related to the topic are welcome. Step up and share!

For more information about the HME PLC, please contact one of HME’s coordinators or visit our blog.
We look forward to hearing from you!

HME Coordinators


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